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                                           Welcome to Ricky's official website!
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                                                                    Check out Ricky's Blog HERE
                                          load up Ricky High Podcast: www.spreaker.com/Content&Coffee

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                                                download App: Ricky High Radio Show on Google Play

                      Announcement:    tv show: 'Kids Can! starring Ricky High' monthly, 1st Sat
                                                   at www.RickyHigh.tv  streaming or media device
                                                Check out www.RickyAndrewHigh.church for ministry
                                 Come join Dr. Dave High facebook to view : SHFFresno
                                     on topic: nutrition, herbal supplements may combat covid-19,
                                       Ricky High host
                               the video is available on this page as well, please enjoy 
                                Place Sunrise Health Foods online order at: www.sunriseHF.com 
                                                                                                  or www.FresnoSunriseHF.com
                       TV show: Kids Can! the Ricky High Show at www.RickyHigh.tv, the holiday

Ricky Andrew High Radio Show:
                                 monthly, 6am, 1st Sunday at KBIF900AM

                Ricky Andrew High Radio show       
                    listening here:    continuous broadcasting 24/7 with live streaming Sunday at 12 noon,                                                                                      also live streaming at 7:00pm on Wednesday, Friday
               My friends:  please note that from time to time, our live streaming has been having technical 
        non- streaming issues from the digital hosting site, please check back and/or stay tune to enjoy 24/7   
                    Ricky High Radio Show at this site or at www.RickyAndrewHigh.church
               My friends, it was a great and fun Christmas sing-along concert at Sunrise Health Foods on Dec 19, 2017.
                      Please share the special time by visiting the concert video at www.sunriseHF.com.....Ricky

  Press the play button here to enjoy Ricky's radio show: or goes to www.RickyAndrewHigh.church, www.RickyHigh.tv  for radio or TV shows   
                       Click the play button on radio show space to listen to the Thanksgiving episode  this Thursday.    

                    Happy Mother's Day in May, ......from your friend, Ricky

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                      Look forward to meeting you on the airwaves, my friends.....Ricky

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Watch  'Kids Can! starring Ricky High' anytime, anywhere: www.RickyHigh.tv
Listen to the "Ricky Andrew High Radio Show" @ 6am monthly on first Sunday with radio KBIF900AM and daily with live radio streaming here at www.RickyHigh.com
     'Ricky Andrew High Radio Show'  worldwide at www.900kbif.com monthly at 6am on first Sunday, pacific time, USA and  live radio streaming at www.RickyHigh.com
  Meet mind with me on the air my friends.