Ricky Andrew High

Ricky High

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Ricky is a singer,TV/radio host for "Kids Can!" and 'Ricky Andrew High Radio Show'.

     He enjoys singing different music styles such as jazz, pop and opera to name a few.

Piano, sports, swimming and PC games are some of his hobbies.

He started his television program "Kids Can!" in 2003 and then his radio show "The Ricky Andrew High Radio Show" later that year. His show can be heard on monthly at KBIF900AM, first Sunday at 6AM or at www.900kbif.com, same time, PT, USA. 

   We can also meet mind daily here with live broadcasting at the home page by pressing the radio button.

"Kids Can! starring Ricky High" TV show  is  on every first Saturday of the month at 5:30AM on stations: KAILtv53, digital 7.1, cable 13, or your local listings.


   Ricky is a recording artist that offers various styles  of music CD's .

   In addition, Ricky performs music concerts as well. Please check his concert dates for his performance.

     Ricky High supports charity organizations such as the Central Valley Children Hospital(Children's Hospital)/

Foundation, Marjoree Mason Center for domestic violence/abused women/children, and Red Cross.

     He donates regularly to charities from his concert ticket sales/proceeds. He often says that he loves music and

the opportunities to share his passion.

For a list of Ricky's CD's/DVD's, click this link to rickyandrewhigh.com, look for 'current events'.
Or, order here with 'contact us'.
email: Rickyhigh@Rickyhigh.com